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Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

What type of billing agreements do you offer?

Clients can choose how to pay for our services, whether it's on an hourly basis (pay-as-you-go) or set-monthly-fee. Smaller clients tend to prefer the flexibility of hourly billing; larger or budget sensitive clients like the predictability of a comprehensive set-monthly-fee. What's more, we don't require clients to sign a term-contract, so you can switch from one billing agreement to another without penalty. You are always on a month-to-month, open-ended contract with us.

What size of clients do you work with?

Our clients are as simple as a single computer, to as complex as a multiple-site, multiple-server network. We even assist larger businesses that have their own IT staff. We only ask that you own a commercial business, since we don't do residential IT support.

How do clients request support?

Since every client is different, regardless if they're in the same business or industry, we allow them to customize how they want to contact us for support. Clients can call their primary consultant on their cell phone or call the Help Desk staff who are waiting by the phone from 7am-5pm. Some prefer to email a support ticket or Skype or text message. We have a flavor of communication for everyone.

What areas do you support?

We have clients all over the country, but as you would expect we support them almost exclusively via the internet and rarely need to go onsite.  As far as our local footprint, starting in Vancouver/Portland Metro, we regularly travel north to Longview, WA; south to Eugene/Corvallis; west to Forest Grove; east to Hood River and; up highway 30 through Columbia County, Oregon.

Do you charge travel fees?

If you're within 1-2 hours from the Portland Metro, we do not charge for travel. If you're outside of our normal driving area, we'll work with you. We are fair and flexible. Over the years, we've flown across the country to do project installs for clients and even then we negotiated on the travel costs.

Do you offer after-hours support?

Yes. After-hours is from 5pm-7am, Monday through Friday, and all day/night on the weekends. Each client is provided the After-Hours phone number, which will connect them to the on-call network consultant. Other IT companies will charge a higher rate for after-hour or emergency calls, but we don't. The rate for these calls will be the same as any other.

How long have you been in business?

Centerlogic has been providing IT support for small to mid-sized businesses since 1997.

What type of businesses do you support?

There are no types of businesses, organizations, agencies and industries that we don't support. Since 1997, we are extremely well known in the healthcare and nonprofit markets, yet we support a diverse mix of clientele, from retail stores, law firms, manufacturers, city governments, law enforcement agencies, finance, engineering firms, insurance agencies, recyclers, etc. We don't service residential customers, otherwise if you're a commercial business and need help with your computers and servers, we'd love to speak to you.

Can you purchase hardware/software for us?

Yes. We are certified partners with numerous technology vendors and have accounts with two of the largest IT distributors in the world. There are significant benefits and differences when a client purchases from a reseller, especially when it comes to access to commercial-class technical and warranty support retail stores can't offer.

What are your hours of operation?

All clients will have access to support staff 24/7. Monday through Friday, our Help Desk staff is available from 7am-5pm. After-Hours/On-Call staff is available Monday through Friday from 5pm to 7am, and all day/night on the weekends. Not to mention, clients can call their Primary Consultant and members of their support team on their cell phone.