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Should we consider using voice biometrics?

Jul, 8 2015

It sounds like something from the 1992 movie Sneakers, or even those shh! scenes with William Shatner in Airplane II, but according to Bretislav Beranek of Nuance voice has a place in enterprises biometric security’s arsenal.  This sounds great in theory.  Imagine never having to remember you password.  Wouldn’t that be great!  According to Mr. Beranek, “nearly 35 million consumers worldwide use voice biometrics.”  One problem that isn’t addressed in this article is what happens if you get a cold?  What happens if you go to a concert and lose your voice?  Does that mean you can’t work?

I know that like other biometrics, such as a fingerprint sensor on laptop, there are ways to go around the security using an override password.  So, for individuals that rarely get sick will need to remember that override password for the few times when they get sick?  Since it really shouldn’t be a password it must be something that you have.  You fingerprint, your retina, an RSA device, or an AuthAnvil SoftToken (which by the way we offer as a solution for two factor authentication).  So although using voice as a means of biometrics is a great method, a company would need to consider backup solutions should someone get sick or lose their voice.

To read more about why companies should use voice biometrics, please read Mr. Beranek’s article at

Say it with me: Voice has a place in enterprise security and authentication